About Raghad

About Raghad Ebied

Founder of Muslim Women Success Coach

Raghad’s greatest passion is to inspire others to achieve their goals and experience true fulfillment and happiness in their lives.

She is first and foremost proud and humbled to be a Muslim woman, a mother, a wife, an educator, and in sha Allah a lifelong student for knowledge and personal development.

She has lived in Canada for most of her life and was blessed alhamdullilah to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Bachelor of Education and then continue on the journey of personal development through acquiring certification in Life Coaching, Adults Training, Relationship Coaching.   She has also completed a Certificate of Leadership from the University of Ottawa and is also currently completing her Masters in Educational Leadership.

She has worked with the Muslim community, particularly Muslim girls and women, for over 10 years now and is in tune with their innermost challenges and hopes.  She has also worked with government, schools, and community organizations in many capacities including program development and coordination, project management, community development, health promotion, staff hiring, training and management, career counseling, teaching E.S.L, and leadership education.  She is also the recipient of several awards including the Province of Ontario Leading Women, Building Communities Award in 2009.

Her passion for empowering others to achieve their goals and fulfill their greatest potential inspired her to create Destination Excellence which provides speaking, training, and coaching on soft skills and diversity management to individuals, government, schools, and organizations.  She also launched the “Finding Love and Mercy” Project which aims to enable Muslims, particularly Muslim sisters, to choose a suitable, righteous Muslim spouse – the one who will be their source of love and mercy and take them by the hand to jannah in sha Allah.

She then found that she wanted to touch the lives of Muslim women on a larger scale and be there to support them through every phase of life and thus, she launched the “Muslim Women Success Coach” project.  She prays this project will provide guidance, support, and inspiration to Muslim women all over the world, as they navigate through their different roles and strive to achieve excellence (ihsan) in all of those roles in sha Allah.