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Current Publications:

“Hadi’s Adventures”

Children’s Arabic/English Book Series

The first of its kind series of English/Arabic Children’s Books called “Hadi’s Adventures” which promotes positive values, creativity and academic excellence, and an appreciation for diversity by representing Muslim children in books.

Alhamdullilah, our second book was announced as the #1 Release in Muslim Children’s Fiction by Amazon.

Links to order the books are available below.

As a certified teacher with a Masters in Educational Leadership, and years of experience in teaching, training and consulting, Raghad Ebied is also the founder of Ihsan Education, a global training and consulting firm which provides effective online and in person training for Muslim educators, a unique and relevant Islamic Studies curriculum, and engaging programs for Muslim students. 

Ihsan Education (™) inspires academic, moral and spiritual excellence to empower students to thrive and contribute to the betterment of humanity in a diverse, complex, and global context.

Part of our work includes the writing and publishing of children’s books in Arabic/English.  We have released two books so far, co authored by myself, Raghad Ebied, and my husband Raghid Shreih who has a Masters in Electrical Engineering, an MBA and over 12 years of experience in the fields of technology and innovation management.

These books include beautiful colourful illustrations representing a Muslim family in a positive light, 3-4 pages of translated words in Arabic-English to build vocabulary, and exercises/questions at the end for parents and educators to encourage inquiry and creativity in their children or students.

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Inventing at the Beach, our first book, is a story that introduces Hadi, the main character, using critical thinking and inquiry to develop a new invention to answer one of his questions, while at the beach.  To order, please click here

Haneen loves Science, our second book, features Hadi’s cousin, Haneen, who loves science and explains why she wears hijab in a simple beautiful way.  Our hope for this book is to inspire Muslim girls (and boys) to love science and engage in critical thinking while also introducing a basic understanding of the hijab. To order, please click here.