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Finding Love & Mercy
Pre-Marriage Education & Preparation
How to select a husband that will bring you true love, mercy, and happiness both in this world and in the next. Choosing a husband
who will take you by the hand to Jannah, in sha Allah”
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Keys to Successful Parenting
Strategies to help you fulfill one of the most important, most rewarding, most difficult, and most precious roles in your life! Feeding, toilet training, sleeping, behavioural outbursts & more.
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Muslim Woman’s Secrets to Eternal Success
E-Course & Coaching Program
Muslim Sisters who are looking to discover their passion, identify their life vision, and be more and give more as Muslim Women.

It’s ALL within reach when you step up and learn all about how to achieve excellence (Ihsan) in all aspects of your life in sha Allah – and I’ll show you how.

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I just listened to your 7 Secret To Success audio. Alhamdulillah, it was very inspiring to me. Makes me want to build myself and achieve my vision