Muslim Woman’s Secrets to Success Online Course

Assalamu alaikum and Welcome amazing Muslim Ladies!

Are you looking to be a successful and happy Muslim woman by building your confidence, discovering your passion, clarifying your vision, and amplifying your contribution whether it’s in your family, work, community, or the world?

This may have seemed optional in the past but I believe we are now unfortunately living in a time where Muslims and Muslim women in particular may feel more insecure due to many unfortunate incidents we see happening around us.

So I believe, now, more so than the past, Muslim Women need support, encouragement and empowerment so they can feel confident to use their God given talents to contribute to more peace and make a positive difference in our world.

And so I’d like to introduce you to:

Muslim Women Secrts

You CAN Live Your Vision of a Fulfilling Life

You CAN achieve both success now and later if you believe this world is a planting ground for a beautiful eternal destination filled with bliss.

You CAN make a great difference using your God given talents

It’s ALL within reach when you step up and learn all about how to achieve excellence (Ihsan) in all aspects of your life in sha Allah  – and I’ll show you how in sha Allah, with my “Muslim Women’s Secrets to Success”.

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What Previous Participants have said about the Program:

  • “Soul penetrating and helped a great deal in learning the true essence and purpose of life”
  • “I feel that the value of the information shared in the program is truly priceless – completely life-altering”
  • “I felt enlightened, inspired and more motivated than ever to seek my ultimate purpose in this world”
  • “I felt MORE optimistic to pursue my goals and discover the limited beliefs that are holding me back! ”  
  • “The program goes to the root of all the answers they have been searching for.”


From The Desk of Raghad Ebied (MSc., B.Ed., B.A)
Certified Teacher, Transformational Speaker, Writer, and Life Coach
AKA The Muslim Women Success Coach (MuslimaSuccess Coach)

Assalamu alaikum Dear Amazing Muslima (Muslima is the Arabic word for Muslim woman:)),

Many people will spend years or even an entire lifetime not living the life they really want – one that is filled with success, happiness, and fulfillment. They will settle for mediocrity and not fulfill their potential by using their God given talents to make our world a better place.

While raising a family is indeed one of the most honourable and great roles that a Muslim woman can fulfill – not all woman have this opportunity and for those who do, this role requires a great deal of support, encouragement, and empowerment so you can fulfill it with ihsan (excellence) as God asks of us.  And so you can also make a greater positive difference in your family, community, and the world as a whole in sha Allah.

In general, many people will live a life that is not aligned with their true nature (fitra) that God created them with – a nature that longs to be in harmony with its Creator and the creation. A nature that enables them to be healthy, happy, successful and allows them to them to leave a legacy and truly make a difference, while in sha Allah (God willing) awaiting an amazing eternal destination.

Many will face fears, failures and depression – feeling lost or lonely – not knowing what or how to accomplish what they really want in their lives.

Having said that, please take a few moments to consider what you really want. Consider your life and how you really want to live it, in light of what Allah God wants for us?

Did you think about it?

I hope so – and I hope you’re looking forward to it because having eternal success IS possible in sha Allah, and I’m about to teach you how in sha Allah.

What I stand for is living a life of happiness, success and fulfillment in sha Allah. Yes there will be adversity and challenges, but if we approach them with the right mindset which includes our trust in God, the right skill set, and the right support system, then we can continue on the path of happiness, success and fulfillment in sha Allah.

This IS possible for you – happy and successful life both in this life and the hereafter and God promises it to us in the Quran when He says:

“Anyone whoever engages in doing good, male or female, while believing, we will surely grant them a happy life in this world, and we will surely pay them their full recompense (on the Day of Judgment) for their good works.” [16:97]

That destination is within your reach … as long as you understand how to achieve ihsan (excellence) and succeed in all aspects of your life including your faith, relationships, health and well-being, personal development, career/business and contribution. And the mindset and skills that are needed to achieve this success in all aspects in your life in sha Allah.

This information is absolutely critical to your success in sha Allah.  Your ability to understand how to achieve success in all of the different roles you have in life whether they be student, teacher, daughter, wife, mother, employee or business owner, volunteer or community activist and achieve balance in all of these areas is instrumental to your happiness and success.


Your initiative to learn how to navigate through all of these phases successfully WILL change your life and get you the destination you crave in sha Allah. Alhamdullilah (I am grateful to God), it has worked for me – and I have helped others with this most important process too.

THIS is a matter of planning for your success, happiness and fulfillment both in this life and in the next in sha Allah

NOTHING else could be important as understanding how to succeed in your faith, relationships, health and well-being, career/business, personal development and ultimately contribute to this world positively and fulfill the role God wants for you to take care of our world. Imagine the security and confidence you’ll feel as you build the foundation of success principles and strategies for your life insha Allah and realize the happy, successful and fulfilling life you have always wanted.

I feel blessed alhamdullilah that I learned early on how powerful this expertise can be. Mastering the ability to identify your vision for your life and how to successfully navigate through all of its different aspects is the ultimate guarantee for success, happiness and fulfillment, after of course, the will of Allah.

You will need a plan to guide you to achieving success in the different aspects in your life and that allows you to recognize and dis-empower your self limiting beliefs. 

So the beliefs that hold you back from fulfilling your greatest potential which could include the fear of failure, the perception that you don’t “know” enough or have enough “skills”.

Without a plan for your success, you can easily find yourself feeling lost, confused, and lacking motivation.

This coaching program will show you how to follow your passion in sha Allah as you successfully navigate through all of the different roles in your life.

These are the rewards of learning and implementing this valuable information in sha Allah:

  • An understanding of how to strengthen your faith which is an important pillar of your success
  • An opportunity to learn how to plan and implement steps to success in other aspects in your life including relationships, personal development, health, career/business, and contribution
  • Rekindling hope in what you would like to achieve and providing you with inspiration and motivation


  • Enhanced thinking and decision making skills, interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out your chosen work and life roles
  • Fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities
  • A safe environment for self discovery where you experiment with solutions, and have the opportunity to express yourself authentically without fear of judgment or criticism through personal reflection exercises.


  • Clarity of your goals and purpose
  • Re-connect with dreams that you may have abandoned over the years
  • Identify obstacles to your success and strategize on how to overcome them
  • Develop action plans tailored specifically to your goals which will accelerate your ability to reach them


  • Challenge you to expand your thinking process and make important decisions
  • Provide you with acknowledgement and validation
  • Encourage you, motivate you, and hold you to high standards
  • Achieve more balance in your life


  • Identify ways of creating or coping with change in your life
  • Incorporate more of your unique talents and passions into your life

So, in sha Allah my intent with this online coaching program is to empower you to achieve more success and happiness on your journey to eternal bliss in sha Allah.


This is what women who previously enrolled in our program had to say alhamdullilah: 

“Raghad is a warm, passionate and dedicated life-coach committed to helping Muslim women achieve their dreams. Through her well-researched and structured program, she has managed to condense invaluable knowledge and insights into her sessions. I feel enlightened, inspired and more motivated than ever to seek my ultimate purpose in this duniya (world), while attaining the pleasure of Allah swt. I now feel MORE optimistic to pursue my goals and discover my limited beliefs that are holding me back!   Raghad has consistently and beautifully applied Islamic teachings throughout the course, while utilizing the best resources for personal development in the industry. 

Thank you so much for your conscientious efforts Raghad.  You hold a special gift for Muslim women everywhere and my hope is that you continue to be a source of inspiration for us all…InshaAllah.”

-Faiza; Mother, Wife and Teacher; Ottawa, Canada


“Allah guided me to this course as I was in so much need of a direction. The minute I heard the intro call to Seven Secrets to a Muslim Woman’s Success, Raghad captured my attention. I am so pleased I registered on the course – it goes to the root of all the answers I have been searching for. I was so happy on how beautifully Islam was integrated throughout. Raghad delivered the course in such an eloquent manner with inspiration and sincerity Masha’Allah! She captures the heart and mind of the listener.

Thank you so much for putting together this amazing course. I hope to pursue my goals and become a better Muslim woman as you have now provided me with the direction and foundation which I now need to work and build to Insha Allah.”

-Shainara, Mother, UK


“The sessions were soul penetrating. Helped a great deal in learning the true essence and purpose of life. I had been praying hard to Allah to make it easy for me to take the course, He heard and answered my prayers and now I know it was for a reason. I am amazed to meet a women who is a mother and a perfect coach at the same time. A guiding beacon for the beginners like me. Love you, Raghad. For all those who are reading this – I just have one thing to say -if you want to meet your own self – it’s a MUST TAKE course for YOU!! Make your life better, happier and fulfilling for good by taking the opportunity to learn the success secrets.”

-Bela Khan, Microbiologist, Pakistan


“I would really like to thank you for this coaching opportunity, it has been a growth experience and has changed some of my negatives, if not many….I was facing some hard times and felt like this would be a great way to recharge my life. I thank Allah for guiding me to your program, and I thank you for taking your time to fulfill your dream and helping us.  

My heart is filled with gratitude towards you for helping me out on one of my problems that was a source of great dilemma in my life. A simple session about the “6 steps of change” has had a great effect AlhamdoliAllah. I highly recommend all of my Muslim women out there, to attend this program. It’s not another self-help book or workshop, this is a true chance for you to recharge, refresh, and start living the life you have always wanted to live. Remember, we only have one life, so make it worthwhile.”

-Sara, Student, Egypt


“It has been a true blessing from Allah (swt) to have been granted this opportunity to have been a part of this course. I have experienced not one, but many, many ‘aha’ moments with each session MashaAllah. And I feel that the value of the information shared in these coaching calls is truly priceless – completely life-altering (once one is able to fully process and then more importantly – apply the information learned).  Raghad, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do, for your dedication, your passion, your enthusiasm, and your dedication to helping, supporting, teaching and nurturing your sisters in Islam. I hope InshaAllah that there will be other courses in the future that one can join as well.

-Bint, daughter, USA


“I want to express my sincere gratitude to God for guiding me to this course and then I want to thank you Raghad from the bottom of my heart for helping us pave our paths to success. The course was inspirational, helpful and instructional. What I like about the course is ‘absolutely everything’ … I like sister Raghad’s approach of…
– Looking at the science of Neuro-linguistic programming through the eyes of our great faith ‘Islam’
– Going step by step throughout the course sessions. 
– Creating the forum that gave us the chance to meet other Muslim women and benefit from their experiences.
-Very helpful session handouts.

-Asma, Ottawa, Canada


“Masha’Allah! This has been a very helpful & eye-opening course on my part. It has given me some important tools on how to make real change in my own life – be it my belief system, my confidence, my attitudes, my habits & my actions. In fact it’s a type of knowledge I’m thinking “why hasn’t anyone taught me this before?” At the same time I feel it was the perfect timing for me to find a course like this. Alhamdulillah, I thank AllGod for guiding me to it. And I thank Raghad soo much for having this course & sharing this knowledge with me & the other sisters – to help us become successful Muslim women, both in this life & in the Hereafter, in sha Allah. JazakAllah khair! This reminds me of how lucky we as Muslim women are. Believing in Allah is a great source of strength & motivation, among other things. For me as a convert, it is something I’m really, really grateful for. Alhamdulillah, I’m very optimistic about the future.”

– Tonje; Student; Norway


Alhamdullilah I am truly humbled and grateful to God for all of the kindness people have shown after experiencing the Muslim Women Secrets to Eternal Success Program alhamdullilah.  It is truly such a humbling and beautiful feeling to have been blessed by Allah to be a part of all these sisters’ growth and development in sha Allah as they strive to be more and give more as Muslim women.

But before I share with you the formula, let me ask you, what would it mean for YOU to have success, happiness and fulfillment both in this life and the hereafter in sha Allah?

Could it mean…

Finally recognizing your passion and fulfilling your dreams?

Or achieving the healthy balance in your life that you have been longing for?

Or understanding that there are tried and tested, methodical ways to achieving success based on Islamic and spirituality principles as well success principles from the fields of personal development, human potential, and positive psychology?

What I’m offering here is more than just a roadmap for achieving success.  It’s an opportunity to live a truly fulfilling and beautiful life in sha Allah.

That’s because once you’ve learned how to achieve success in all aspects of your life in sha Allah, you NEVER look back

Imagine feeling greater clarity about what you would like to achieve in life and knowing how to achieve your goals and experience success, happiness, and fulfillment in sha Allah.

So let me share with you what that process is. It’s a plan for ensuring that you are aware of and can dis-empower your self-limiting beliefs and understand the key characteristics for success as well as how to plan and implement action plans for succeeding in all of the different aspects in your life in sha Allah.

You may already know some of these steps. You may even have completed some of them. But you need ALL of them to succeed in sha Allah.

That’s where my strategy comes in: without following each of the steps in this strategy, you MAY be able to achieve success and happiness – ultimately it is all in the hands of God.

But if you want to experience more than ‘random’ success – if you want to ensure in sha Allah that you are on that path with the proper planning, knowledge, skills and resources then I invite you to join me in learning this strategy and applying every step.

It’s not too early or too late.  It doesn’t matter if your 18 or 80, there is always an opportunity to turn our lives around and be happy and successful in sha Allah.

You can discover the steps you’ve been missing and finally achieve the great life that you’ve dreamed of in sha Allah.

I’ve created an easy-to-follow, easy-to-use program that walks you through, step-by- step, my proven strategy for identifying the obstacles and self-limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success, finding your passion and identifying your life vision, planning for the implementation of that life vision through understanding how to succeed in your faith, relationships, health, career/business, personal development/education and your contribution.

These steps work for ALL types of people, regardless of culture, ethnicity, age, or experience because it is based on the Quran, Sunnah, as well as academic research in the field of personal development and achieving success.

This is what you’ve been looking for – it’s the guidance, support, and mentoring you can have, from a fellow Muslim women, that has been through the experiences of being a student, teacher, daughter, wife, mother, career/business-woman, volunteer, and community activist and has alhamdullilah, by the grace of God, successfully navigated through all of these different roles, and helped others too, so you can live your best life in sha Allah.

Introducing: “Muslim Woman’s Secrets to Success”

(In sha Allah)

 These are my personally tried and tested strategies as well as years of research, education and personal development sought in the area of achieving success.


And so you don’t have to spend years of your life wondering or being confused about how to realize that successful and fulfilling life you’ve always wanted in sha Allah, you’ll learn my working, proven strategy that cover the following:

  • An understanding of the conscious and unconscious obstacles to your success
  • An opportunity to dis-empower your self-limiting beliefs
  • The top 10 reasons preventing you from realizing your dreams
  • An evaluation of your current level of success
  • An opportunity to identify your true passion and articulate a clear overall vision to your life
  • A vision of your desired level of success in your different aspects of life
  • Strategies and resources to achieving success in each of the following:
    • Faith: Your relationship with God and practice of the faith
    • Relationships: Your family, friends, marriage and children
    • Health: Your Physical and Mental Health
    • Personal Development: Areas of Strength and Areas of Growth
    • Contribution: Your legacy to the world
    • Career/Business: Your Professional and Financial Aspect
    • An action plan for desired success in each aspect of your life
    • BONUS: A checklist of the steps to follow to achieve a successful and fulfilling life in sha Allah.
    • BONUS: Recommended reading material and audios

This Easy-To-Follow Roadmap Will Change Your Life For The Better In sha Allah and put you on the path to inspiration and empowerment!

When You Order Your Home Study Version of this Online Coaching Program, You’ll Receive:

1. FIVE DOWNLOADABLE MP3’S with sister, Raghad Ebied, walking you through her complete Muslim Women’s Secrets to Eternal Success, step by step. (Sessions will be around 60-90 minutes each.)

2. HANDOUTS AND WORKSHEETS for every session, to help you follow along and best retain what you learn.

3. DIGITAL COVER ARTWORK so you can create your own “Muslim Women’s Secrets to Eternal Success” binder at home and neatly organize all your information for the course

You can see I’m doing everything I can to set you up for success! I am even offering some great bonuses:

4. A BONUS MP3  of a Q & A CALL which answers important questions at the end of the program.

5. A SECOND LIVE GROUP BONUS Q & A CALL to answer your questions about anything in the course.

6. COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS to a Private Facebook Group for Course Participants for you to have an opportunity to interact, ask questions, and find support from like minded Muslim women who want to rise and achieve great things in life in sha Allah.

Alhamdullilah, I am humbled that as far as I know, there is no other Muslim Women with the humble education, expertise and experience I bring alhamdullilah, offering this sort of information in a clear, easy to follow, well researched format, that you can access anywhere from the world, at any time, and continue to use at your convenience.

When you think of how important it is to live that life of happiness, success and fulfillment and not waste years or worse yet a lifetime being lost or feeling lonely or unsure of how to achieve ihsan (excellence) in what you do and navigate through all of your different roles successfully, I know you will understand how important it is to make this investment in sha Allah.

I know you may also be wondering about the following:

1) I think I already know all there is to know

You may certainly know some of this information; however, alhamdullilah, this course has brought together important Islamic and Practical knowledge, experience, and insight when it comes to achieving success in the different aspects in your life. It includes guidance from the Quran and Sunnah as well as teachings from the fields of success psychology implemented by thousands of successful people all over the world.  Also, please feel free to refer back to the section above that explains all of what will be covered in the course in sha Allah.

2) This seems to be a big time commitment for me now.

If you don`t believe you have the time now, this is the beauty of an online course that allows you to download audios and worksheets such that you can use them at your own pace, whenever you wish.

3) I am not sure if it’s worth the investment.

Consider the amount of time, money, and energy lost when one wastes years or a lifetime not living up to their potential and not truly experience happiness, success, and fulfillment.  It is entirely up to you to decide whether this decision is important enough for you to invest in.

So I hope you take hold of this exciting opportunity to invest in yourself, build your confidence, discover your passion, clarify your vision, and amplify your contribution whether it’s in your family, work, community, or the world in sha Allah.

So, are you ready to order –
and learn how to Achieve Eternal Success, in sha Allah? 

The original value of this LIVE Coaching Program was between $147-197 and is usually for $97 as a homestudy program, but because I feel we are in a time where

Muslim women need more support, encouragement, and empowerment to be proud of who they are and use more of their unique talents to contribute to more peace in our world and make a positive difference

Now you can order the home study version for only $147 $47.

I’m ready to learn how to achieve success and happiness as a Muslim woman in sha Allah so I can build my confidence, discover my passion, clarify my vision and amplify my contribution.

Click the “buy my product” button below to enroll today.

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Remember, it IS possible – you CAN have success and happiness both now and in an eternal place of bliss in sha Allah. When you enroll in this program, you can learn essential steps in this journey and be on your way to living that life of happiness and fulfillment in sha Allah.

All the best always,

Raghad Ebied, Muslim Women Success Coach

P.S. Thinking about waiting? My invitation is to enroll in this important program today and get on the fast track to learning how to achieve more success, happiness and fulfillment in sha Allah.  I would be honoured if you allowed me to be a part of that journey with you in sha Allah.

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